What We're Looking For

Generally, Atlas and Alice is a magazine interested in intersections. Chief among them are the meetings-up of science and the arts, prose and poetry, and any piece that seems to do more than one thing at once. Your intersections don't have to be radical--although we like radical. Reinvent your own idea of the intersection. And then share it with us.  

Rights: Atlas and Alice acquires first serial rights, but those rights revert back to you, the artist, upon publication. We kindly ask for acknowledgment for subsequent reprints of your work.

Payment:  In love–for now.

Boring, Mechanical Stuff

Read, edit, re-read, and re-edit your work. No changes will be allowed after a piece has been submitted (duh).  

We don't accept previously published work, but we do accept simultaneous submissions. In fact, we encourage them. We understand it's a writer-eat-writer world out there. Just be sure to notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere. Given the chance, we'll mix a tasty cocktail in your honor.

Cover letters: We all hate writing them, don't we? So consider them unnecessary. All we want from you is a short bio and your contact email. If you have something interesting to say, want to mention a piece we published that you like, or how you found out about the magazine, by all means do. If you're just including the same old "My work has been published or is forthcoming from..." then, we encourage you not to write a cover letter.

Multiple Submissions: Please hit us up in just one genre per submission period (unless we ask specifically to see more work). 

All submissions must arrive through this submissions manager (Submittable). For partial withdrawals, please contact us through Submittable message/note (all of our editors can immediately see these when reading submissions).

Thanks. We look forward to hearing from you!

We want your nonfiction pieces, up to 3,000 words. If you've got something shorter, great. We are happy to read flash nonfiction, too, which we consider 750 words or less. Include the total word count at the beginning of your submission, please.

If you've got a quirky CNF piece, it might be right for us. Here's what we're hoping to see and a few things we're overrun with and will likely pass on.  

We welcome subs from underrepresented writers. This includes (QT)BIPOC folks and writers based outside North America and the UK. Two of our editors have a soft spot for lyric pieces. "More of a seismograph, less of a timeline. I like the fragmented, the segmented which unapologetically doesn’t seek to be whole," as one of the assistant CNF editors paraphrases Sarah Fawn Montgomery. We strongly prefer content that feels grounded and specific. Evoke a particular place, a particular time. Dig deep into what makes home "home," the origin of names, etc. Drawing from other disciplines and forms of storytelling is encouraged when it's done intentionally and with specificity. Not sure what that means? Browse the last issue to see what we liked.

There are a few things we DO NOT WANT: 1) your Covid stories (unless you have a particular, unique experience), 2) philosophical musings, 3) boozy expat travel stories, 4) second person breakup stories. Exceeding word count or subbing extra pieces is an automatic nope.

We look forward to seeing your work!

Atlas and Alice